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How to train during the summer months

Our training partner Coopah has shared their tips for one of the most common questions they get asked by their community of runners, How To Train During The Summer Months..?

“As much as we all love the sunshine, running during the summer months can have an impact on your training. The heat + humidity can make running more challenging, but if you are sensible and plan ahead, you can still enjoy training during the warmer months! Here are our Top 5 Tips for Training During the Summer Months.


Making sure you take on enough water before, during and after your run is essential when the weather is warmer! We would suggest always taking a drink with you on hot days, even on shorter runs, as dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion and generally make you feel unwell. If you struggle to drink lots of water, try adding an electrolyte tablet to your drink or using a sports drink to ensure you take on enough liquid.


If you are heading outside for a run, always make sure you slap on some SPF and protect your skin from the suns UV rays. Ideally you want to be using at least a factor 30, although we would suggest using factor 50 on your face, or on parts of your body that will be exposed the most. The last thing you want after your run is to have to deal with sunburn as well!


During the summer months, you really want to try and avoid running during the middle of the day, as typically this is the time where the temperature will peak + UV rays are the strongest! If possible, try to get out either early in the morning or later in the evening when temperatures are cooler. If this isn’t possible and you need to run over lunchtime, then try to find a shaded route, take water with you, and adjust your pace accordingly.


As we have established, running in the heat can have a big impact on your running, and this also includes your pace and effort levels. We would advise to take all the pressure off, and focus on running to feel rather than trying to hit a certain speed or distance. Remember, you will be working harder regardless so there is no need to push yourself any further. And it is also really important to remember to listen to your body and slow down, walk or stop your run if you need to.


Now we aren’t going to tell you exactly what to wear, but during the summer months we would suggest avoiding the base layers + thermal leggings! The most important thing is that you are comfortable, and for some that may be running in a sports bra + shorts. for others it may be a light t-shirt and leggings, but just be mindful that once you start running, your temperature will increase and what felt okay at the start of your run might become uncomfortable after a few miles! Another tip would be to wear a running backpack/hydration pack, so if you do end up having to remove some layers you can easily store them in your bag.

We would also recommend wearing;

  • A Cap/Visor
  • A buff (to cover your head, great for mopping up sweat too!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Light coloured, lightweight material clothing

Find out more about Coopah and their brilliant training app on the website

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