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Travel Information & Parking

Road Closures & Timings

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*Please note this route is provisional and therefore road closures could be subject to change.

In planning the event every effort is made to minimise the disruption caused with the closing of roads to ensure the safety of participants and spectators. Where closures occur, and where possible, diversions will be in place to ensure continued access around the town for motorists and public transport.

Here you will find a representative map showing the race route. It also includes the areas that will be affected by closures and the closure timings. Please check the location of your property to see how your road and the surrounding area will be affected. This will also assist you in making decisions about the best way of travelling around the area on Sunday 1st September.


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but to ensure the safety of runners and event staff, there can be no vehicle access or movement onto or along the route itself during the scheduled road closure times.

Residents living directly on, or with secured parking off, any of the above roads, who need to use their cars on Sunday 1st September between the scheduled road closure times should use alternative parking on nearby roads or car parks away from the roads affected. Please do not leave your vehicle parked on the route itself.


As there can be no vehicle access anywhere along the route, businesses are advised to consider re-arranging

deliveries to arrive before the scheduled closure times or after the scheduled reopening times

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Car Parking

To make your journey easier the routes into the venue will be signposted to either red or blue parking depending on where you are coming from. Please see the map below.

Run Cheltenham Car Park.png

Parking will be available at The Racecourse, Cheltenham from 7.00am on race day. If you intend to be dropped off by car for the event, we advise being dropped off in roads surrounding The Racecourse, Cheltenham and walking the last bit of the way. Be aware of road closures and timings. If you intend to use public transport please take into consideration road closures and the early start. Please plan your journey accordingly!